Sunday 29 July 2007

Blog fixed!

Yes my blog was broken. I'm not sure why. Something to do with my server being full. Man, I just blog too much. There are so many interesting things to say. Actually, I can't really be bothered posting these days. I have become an extremely lazy blogger. I do apologise.

After a while talking everyday things gets boring. I do eventually run out of things to say. I don't have anything to complain about at the moment!

I am now trying to move my blog from my own server to the blogger servers. I've made a back-up so I just hope it all goes smoothly!

Sunday 15 July 2007

Family weekend


Wii weekend

Old mate from Dundee UNi, Neema came to visit this weekend. I hadn't seen him for years so it was a great weekend. Spent most of the weekend playing the Wii. I also found that I'm a bit rubbish at most games as Neema, who had never played before, managed to beat me on most games.

I bought Wii Play so have got quite a few more fun two-player games. Ping pong rules!

Also managed so sneak the first BBQ of the "summer" in. We really could do with a lawn mower...

Thursday 12 July 2007

Man-eating badgers

UK military spokesman Major Mike Shearer said: "We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area."

Well they would say that wouldn't they? Who's going to admit to releasing them? Typical government conspiracy!

Wednesday 4 July 2007

Monday 2 July 2007

The Pain

Body is aching quite a lot from this weekend's netball. My back and legs are killing, and my fingers and ankles have gone stiff. Fortunately, this does mean I can do some quite impressive knuckle and joint cracking this week.

What is much more frustrating is trying to play the guitar now that I have cut my nails. I can hardly make any sound! They'd better grow back quick...

Sunday 1 July 2007


Today I played in an Oxfordshire mixed netball tournament with some peeps from work. The aim of the tournament is to raise money for Oxfordshire to have its own netball centre. Yes, Netball is for girls, but its a fun game. As with most sports I got off to a good start - 6 goals in the first game - then took my foot off the gas and assuming a more, ahem, defensive role.

We managed W3 L3 D1, which comfortably beats last years achievements. I am now rather tanned/pink, even though it was very cloudy. That's about as much colour as I will ever get in my cheeks. I'm also mourning the loss of my finger nails. The flamenco guitar will have to wait for a few weeks.