Tuesday 27 February 2007

Walk ears

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Had a haircut today. Same old, same old!

I have the feeling someone's been talking about me behind my back - as you can see, my ears are burning.

Sunday 25 February 2007

ComprehensionClothing MII released

Today I decided to go ahead and release the Joomla-powered new version of the site.

So, I present to you again: www.ComprehensionClothing.com!

Before I could release it I had to upgrade to the latest Joomla version, play around with htaccess files, do SQL exports and generally fumble around until it worked. I have a couple more things to do from the admin side, and there are more t-shirts to be uploaded - the US female section is, as yet, empty.

Overall, the site is a HUGE improvement over the last site. I'm hoping it will pull in lots more visitors. I am considering paying for one bit of software that will kelp with the SEO, but I will check that with Kev first. I need to install some visitor statistics extensions so I can see if anyone visits the site.

Once the site is fully populated I can start the cunning marketing ploy!

Vote for me! If you check out the site, please help it gain exposure by clicking on the "Vote for me" links on the left hand side. I don't actually know if they work properly or not because it won't let me click on them...

Saturday 24 February 2007

Auctioning your childhood memories

A while back, my parents brought down most of my Games Workshop models that I used to play with and paint when I was a kid, the intention being that I would put them all on Ebay and sell them all. Since then, however, they have pretty much stayed in the boxes that they were brought down in.

I could really do with the quick cash to pay for that Nokia N95 I would like to buy next month, but I find it really hard to contemplate selling my models.

These models represent years of memories from me. They range from the first, badly painted models I bought when I was about 10 or 11, through to the finely painted Blood Bowl teams I had when I was 16 or 17.

I have loads Space Marines, a Chaos Man o' War Fleet, a small Dwarf Warhammer Fantasy Battle army, a Dwarf Blood Bowl team a Wood Elf Blood Bowl team along with all the respective games, plus Warhammer Quest, Heroquest, Advanced HeroQuest, Space Cruasade and so many more models. Some of my stuff is very well painted - I even won a couple of prizes in my day - and all-in-all I reckon I might have a few hundred pounds worth - more than enough for a fancy new phone.

But once it's sold it's gone - all those memories. I still even harbour thoughts of one day taking it back up again... maybe a few games of Blood Bowl?

Is it worth keeping them? The chances are I will never do anythign with them. I would keep my best painted models (see below) to remind of the modelling days. But is it worth keeping a Dwarf Warhammer Fantasy army that I could probably sell for about £100? Should I sell the Norsca Braves just because I might never play Blood Bowl again? If I had a huge house with a study I could put them on display!

Tough decision. What do Curtis or Josef think? Stupot? Neuba? Sell or horde? Or should I just start playing Blood Bowl again? Maybe we could arrange a nice tournament? Dad - as someone who parted with a collection dear to your heart when a child, and then got something back only recently, what would you do?

I think whatever happens the Blood Bowl teams will be the last to go. Mind you, I am quite proud of my Dwarf army, despite never actually using them. I could probably sell a lot of the less sentimental ones. Damn I have too much connection to these things!

Here are some of my "display" collection - I will never sell them. (click on them for the full pics)


Don't know what to do....

Pain and pleasure

Pain: Scotland succumb to one of the most pitiful defeats I have ever witnessed. 3 tries to Italy at Murrayfield in the first 7 minutes?! That is so shameful!

but on the other hand...

Pleasure: Ireland tank England!

Wednesday 21 February 2007

train complain - result!

I got fined for not having a ticket on the train last month.

However I had a good excuse so I appealed. Today I got a letter telling me they had cancelled my penalty and would be sending me a cheque. The tight gits have taken the price of a single fare out of it though! I did even buy a full Zone 1-4 travel card after I got fined anyway so they didn't need to charge me for that!

Still it's satisfying to get some money out of them. The ticket inspector guy was a right git. Quite tempted to take a trip down to London (with a ticket of course) so I can tell him my appeal was successful! ;)

Saturday 17 February 2007

What hairstyle?

I really hate getting my hair cut. With the world's worst "cow's lick", there's not too many options on the hairstyle front here.

I don't want to go to a barber where they treat you like a sheep to be sheared, and I don't want to pay loads of money. It's difficult to find somewhere suitable. I miss good old Clinton Dailly's in the Ferry.

Last time I got my haircut, when the guy said "how do you want your hair cut", I told him he could do what he thought best. Unfortunately he wasn't bursting with ideas, so it was same old, same old. He said next time I should come back with an idea of what style I want.

So... like a girl, I will look for a picture of someone with a hairstyle I want and show it to the haidresser.

Any ideas?

Friday 16 February 2007

Preston on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

On the one hand, the man's wife was getting insulted. On the other hand it was hilarious. Watch Preston from the Ordinary Boys have a hissy fit when Simon Amstell takes the pi$$ out of his wife's autobiography.

Part 1:

Part 2:

It seems that most of Never Mind the Buzzcocks is on YouTube now. Which is great because it means I just watched the episode I missed with Donny "Oooh look at me I'm a rufty tufty punk" Tourette from the Towers of London. It's in theree parts and all worth watching:

Interstingly, after linking to all these videos, the BBC's money programme had a story on the TV tonight about the YouTube phenomena and was talking about how many people watch more internet content than they do watch TV anymore and asking why people bother posting content at all. Here's the Money Programme's profile and some videos on, you've guessed it, YouTube. I probably do watch more internet content (oo-err) these days than regular TV.

I have posted some videos on YouTube but not in a "look at me way". Apparently my videos have had 1976 views to date. They's actually decent videos (imho) although one of them is just of a snotty friend walking in a train station (evidence to appeal against my fine).

Thursday 15 February 2007

triple complaint

In the past few days I've made two complaints

1) To the Royal Mail - Why does our postie leave the mail for our block at the bottom of the stairs? I think he is paid to deliver it to the flat, not just dump it. I don't like having to rifle through other people's mail to find mine.

2) To Oxford Council - Why has our recycling not been collected for three weeks? Why do they take the glass and paper but not the tins?

I have to get around to making my complaint to BA for the rubbish flight to Geneva and it will be a triple complaint week.

Complaining rules!

Sunday 11 February 2007

Refuge de Solalex

Refuge de Solalex
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I had "all you can eat" raclette at the restaurant. I think they underestimated how much cheese one person could eat. Unfortunately i overestimated and felt slightly ill. Not sure if the kirsch that Stefan insisted i drink actually helped but it probably helped me sleep. The skidoo ride was great fun but a tad cold. The view of the night sky on the way back was amazing. I have never seen so many stars. I would have loved to have more time to do some star gazing. It was a great way to wrap up a fantastic holiday.

Saturday 10 February 2007

last day

last day
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Very tired. It is snowing lots. I just ate some cake. My skiing is waning. Tonight we go to a restaurant by skidoo!

Friday 9 February 2007

edge of the world

edge of the world
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Went to the glacier again today. Loads of fresh snow yesterday made conditions pretty good. It was very quiet too. Picture is taken at this tiny shack/restaurant at the top of a mountain. The terrace is literally hanging off the edge of the mountain with incredible views as you can see.

Thursday 8 February 2007

snow snow

snow snow
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It was raining down at the chalet this morning but up on the slopes it was snowing lots. Less people on the slopes today. Had to keep covered from snow hence photo. Last runs were great i was only person on my favourite black run. I am still rubbish in deep powder snow. I just fall over!

Wednesday 7 February 2007

skiing Villars

skiing Villars
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Conditions much improved today. Snowed quite a bit. Gryon was a bit rubbish but Villars was pretty good. Wendy did pretty well today too. Hopefully more snow overnight. Leg work at the gym was a good idea. Thighs feel fine but should have done calves too as they kill a bit.

Tuesday 6 February 2007

spa day

spa day
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Today we went to the spa for a few hours. Very relaxing. Nice and warm in the thermal spring waters while we are outside getting rained on. Noone was brave enough to go naked in the saunas! It did snow higher up today and more is forecast so the slopes will be better. Back to the skiing tomorrow! (yeah i know it's the same pic)

Monday 5 February 2007


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Yesterday snow conditions quite bad. Today went to glacier. Much better. My skiing is okay. Swissland is very expensive. Chalet is very cool. We ate fondue tonight. Tomorrow we maybe go to the spa instead of skiing.

Saturday 3 February 2007


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That metal box is the reason we have been sitting on a grounded plane for about two hours!

fast bag drop

fast bag drop
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Big bag or small man? You decide.

Friday 2 February 2007

Funny wind up call

This is one of the funniest wind-up calls I've heard!