Saturday 25 March 2006

First post - British Gas Home Care is rubbish!

Well, I've been meaning to do something to my website for ages and I've taken the easy option and turned it into a blog, using Blogger.

So my first post will be to moan about British Gas...

Our boiler has been dodgy for a while. It was leaking, so we called out British Gas (BG) as our landlord has BG Home Care cover. They came out and fixed the leak. Fair enough.

Last weekend while I was away it started leaking again and we now have no hot water. Wendy phoned BG who said they would send an engineer on Tuesday pm. I arranged with my work to go home early that afternoon. The engineer is supposed to come between 2 and 4pm. I wait. At 4.30pm I phone BG. "Oh sorry he's been delayed and will be with you between 5 and 10pm." Hmmm... okay I'll just stay in and wait.

8.30pm I get a phone call from BG. "Sorry but the engineer won't be coming tonight - he finished work at 5pm." That's quite annoying.

I rearrange for the engineer to come on Friday after 4pm. So I have to take some more time off work. I phone up on Friday to confirm he is coming. "Oh, your slot is 12-6pm, but there is a note to call after 3pm." So, I have to get home for 3pm. Another afternoon at work lost.

I go home. I wait. I phone. It seems he's been called to an emergency and won't be coming tonight. I'm promised he will come tomorrow (Saturday - today) between 11 and 12.

So today, I wait till 12 then phone. Blah, blah, our appointment is 'all day' and he will be here before 6pm. It's 4.47pm and he's still not here.

Some Googling suggests that I am not alone in finding BG to be completely incompetent. There was a Guardian article about it recently and this personal account of BG's imcompetence maked interesting, if depressing, reading.

So, I am currently in the middle of a BG nightmare and don't know ho wit will end. :(

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