Tuesday 25 July 2006

TomTom Rider - Cheap!

Today was an exciting day. Days like these don't come around often.

There were many exciting points about today. These points included things that might seem very mundane to the ordinary man, but when you know what the day holds ahead, even the very mundane things become elevated to exciting things.

Today my TomTom Rider arrived!

When this baby first came out it was priced at £600. Ha! £600? I could get a new bike for that! Much as I salivated over the prospect of owning this little GPS baby for my motorbike, £600 was a little out of my price bracket. When I was in Spain the other day I was on the look-out for cheap GPS units, but I forgot that satellites don't go over Spain so they don't sell GPS.

No worries, when I checked the price on Amazon the other day, I saw it was down to £350.

I used Kelkoo.co.uk to try and find the cheapest price, until, using ciao.co.uk I found my beloved TomTom Rider for £320 inc. p&p at Oyyy.co.uk. I paid for next day delivery, and I am very glad to say it did indeed arrive next day. They even phoned to confirm delivery address, so thumbs up for their service.

Oh how I love the touch sensitive screen. How I love the thought of downloading all the speed cameras onto the thing. How I wish I had had it when I was in Spain!

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