Sunday 25 February 2007

ComprehensionClothing MII released

Today I decided to go ahead and release the Joomla-powered new version of the site.

So, I present to you again:!

Before I could release it I had to upgrade to the latest Joomla version, play around with htaccess files, do SQL exports and generally fumble around until it worked. I have a couple more things to do from the admin side, and there are more t-shirts to be uploaded - the US female section is, as yet, empty.

Overall, the site is a HUGE improvement over the last site. I'm hoping it will pull in lots more visitors. I am considering paying for one bit of software that will kelp with the SEO, but I will check that with Kev first. I need to install some visitor statistics extensions so I can see if anyone visits the site.

Once the site is fully populated I can start the cunning marketing ploy!

Vote for me! If you check out the site, please help it gain exposure by clicking on the "Vote for me" links on the left hand side. I don't actually know if they work properly or not because it won't let me click on them...


Anonymous said...

When I click on your link it will not work "Server not found" Check your spelling

Major_Grooves said...

Yeah dumbass here let the domain name expire! I've paid up and it is working again.