Saturday 24 February 2007

Auctioning your childhood memories

A while back, my parents brought down most of my Games Workshop models that I used to play with and paint when I was a kid, the intention being that I would put them all on Ebay and sell them all. Since then, however, they have pretty much stayed in the boxes that they were brought down in.

I could really do with the quick cash to pay for that Nokia N95 I would like to buy next month, but I find it really hard to contemplate selling my models.

These models represent years of memories from me. They range from the first, badly painted models I bought when I was about 10 or 11, through to the finely painted Blood Bowl teams I had when I was 16 or 17.

I have loads Space Marines, a Chaos Man o' War Fleet, a small Dwarf Warhammer Fantasy Battle army, a Dwarf Blood Bowl team a Wood Elf Blood Bowl team along with all the respective games, plus Warhammer Quest, Heroquest, Advanced HeroQuest, Space Cruasade and so many more models. Some of my stuff is very well painted - I even won a couple of prizes in my day - and all-in-all I reckon I might have a few hundred pounds worth - more than enough for a fancy new phone.

But once it's sold it's gone - all those memories. I still even harbour thoughts of one day taking it back up again... maybe a few games of Blood Bowl?

Is it worth keeping them? The chances are I will never do anythign with them. I would keep my best painted models (see below) to remind of the modelling days. But is it worth keeping a Dwarf Warhammer Fantasy army that I could probably sell for about £100? Should I sell the Norsca Braves just because I might never play Blood Bowl again? If I had a huge house with a study I could put them on display!

Tough decision. What do Curtis or Josef think? Stupot? Neuba? Sell or horde? Or should I just start playing Blood Bowl again? Maybe we could arrange a nice tournament? Dad - as someone who parted with a collection dear to your heart when a child, and then got something back only recently, what would you do?

I think whatever happens the Blood Bowl teams will be the last to go. Mind you, I am quite proud of my Dwarf army, despite never actually using them. I could probably sell a lot of the less sentimental ones. Damn I have too much connection to these things!

Here are some of my "display" collection - I will never sell them. (click on them for the full pics)


Don't know what to do....


Anonymous said...

I say keep them Stevo!!! Money is not as important as memories, that's what makes us the way we are, because they are a part of us. And with that piece of rather grown up rationale out of the way, here is my analogy:

Now it's no secret I like my shoes....and I have been known to fall in love with shoes that are more of an eye candy than practical shoewear and as a result I have accumulated a small number of pairs of shoes that I have only ever worn once. Would I ever sell them? Absolutely no! So what if my feet hurt so much when I wear them that they have remained in their pretty boxes since their first premiere? They are a part of a collection that has significant importance in my life and thus I would never even contemplate parting ways with them in exchange for money......

Enough said. (I think I just broke my own record of THE longest reply ever!!!)....hahahahaha

Stuart said...

Noooo... don't sell them! The models are pretty much irreplacable these days and represent a much more innocent time.