Sunday 25 March 2007

Nokia N95 Cheap with E2Save

I couldn't wait any longer. I've bought the Nokia N95 with

I've spent ages looking at different offers on the web, but in the end I've gone for the Orange "Dolphin" tariff, which costs £35 a month for 500 minutes and 500 texts. Seeing as the N95 is designed for lots on internet stuff I've bought a 4MB a month bundle which costs £4 a month.

The handset itself cost only £89.99, which isn't bad for something which, sim-free, is around £500. I should actually save money overall as I can now bundle my broadband in for free saving me about £22 a month! In fact I will pay £4 to get it upgraded to an 8meg line.

So overall for mobile and broadband I should be saving around £5 a month. Plus I still get Orange Wednesdays (not that I've ever actually used it yet - they only allowed it for broadband people recently - I intend going with the little miss once a week).

With E2Save you actually get cashback on a number of your bills too. However, it must be said, that looking at the reviews of E2Save (which is a CarPhone Warehouse company - so at least secure financially) they seem to have very poor customer services and actually claiming the cash back seems to be torture.

So E2Save - good deals and potentially very cheap with cashback, but bad customer services and difficult to get said cashback.

I have a referral code, so if you want to buy from them I would be very grateful if you use my code - once you sign up you get a referral code too and can make £20 on every phone purchased through the site.

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ts said...

How is it going with the phone? i really wanted this one, and still sorta do but i've not seen anyone with it yet