Saturday 17 March 2007

Rubgy - bad idea?

With the Six Nations being on at the moment, I'm getting kind of tempted to take up rugby again. I'm 27 now, the last time I played was for Carnoustie HSFP when I was about 20. My memories from that one season include:

  1. Feeling like my head was about to explode and having to put it under a running tap for about 10 minutes after my first summer training session on the beach.
  2. Scoring 2 tries on my debut against Waid and getting into the Guide and Gazette with some kind of headline like "Youngster Score Twice on Debut" (I think they thought I was about 16 - Kev my still have the cutting).
  3. They thought I was some kind of new star - but I never scored again!
  4. That 7s tournament where I had to go and lie down for about 2 hours after the first game. "It's only 7 minutes each way - I can manage that!"
  5. Sexually deviant Royal Marines with an unsettling penchant for young blond wingers...

Obviously something has happened to my memory over the past 7 years as there are some very good reasons for me not to play rugby:
  1. I'm skinny and fairly weak.
  2. I'm not a particuarly fast runner.
  3. I'm aerobically very unfit - one sprint and I am shattered.
  4. I'm not very good at playing rugby...
  5. I was always rubbish at tackling
  6. and spin passing to the right
  7. and taking passes
  8. and catching high balls
  9. and kicking
  10. Sexually deviant Royal Marines are everywhere!

However there are some reasons to play:

  1. I like rugby
  2. I should try to get fitter rather than just accept the wheezing.
  3. It is a good excuse to try and bulk up a bit

So there are some reasons to play, but they are more than outweighed by the reasons not to play.

I think I'm one of these "take something up then forget about it again" type people. Yeah, trying Ju-Jitsu again at Uni was a great use of my time!

Maybe it's some kind of "late 20s" crisis? I think it will be rugby or wargaming. Or maybe both? Hmmm....

Well, maybe I'll join Oxford for their summer training and try to get fit before the next season. I'll also try to gain some weight. Apparently I am 72.5kg at the moment.


Anonymous said...

72.5kg and a BMI of 21.5. Better start on those protein shakes soon Stevo

Anonymous said...

I still have the video of you playing at Panmure which is guaranteed to squash any delusions you may have of being anywhere near a rugby ball but full marks for thinking about it!!!!

Major_Grooves said...

^^^who dat cheeky person?