Monday 25 June 2007

Rufus Wainwright Gig @ New Theatre, Oxford

Despite feeling ill most of today, we went to see Rufus Wainwright play tonight. Was he any good? Well... I suppose. I suppose he was probably about the most talented person I have ever seen on stage. The guy is amazing. What a voice. Ok, he forgets how to sing and play his own songs, but he gets a laugh.

He is an amazing entertainer. His overt campness wasn't too off-putting. Now I have to admit I only know one Wainwright album - Poses - and on that I only really know one song off the top of my head - Cigarettes and Chocolate milk. He didn't play that one! I believe most of the songs were from his new album and they were all pretty damn good. And this is coming from someone who isn't a particular fan.

Talking of fans - the crowd was an interesting bunch. A real mix of ages, and quite a few oddities, including dumb and dumber sitting behind us (hey Beardy - you may love the sound of your own voice - but the rest of us don't and you sound nothing like Rufus so please SHUT IT - and get your harpy to pipe down too!). Whoever had the burst of Tourettes* when he was singing the song without the microphones should really have been strung up and used as target practice for Rufus' sharpened stilettos. Yes, stilettos - the "cabaret show" at the end was very entertaining. Also very entertaining was the theatre staff trying to stop everyone taking photos. Why bother?!

Now somewhere in the crowd, I could hear, but not see, my good friend Alfonso, author of the Wet, Dark and Wild blog. I suspect my old buddy will post a rather more thoughtful post about the gig. I just hope the Wet Dark and Wild blog is ready for the influx of visitors that having a link from here will create!

* no offence meant to genuine sufferers of Tourettes.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Alfonso here - yes it was an amazing night, that's true. I'm going to have Rufus singing in my heart and soul for a long time to come.

I spotted you straightaway and I'm glad you stopped your heckling... By the way, I like your jacket.

I thought I'd link to you too as a means of enticing you into the glorious world that is Gyllenhaalism. Rufus said in a talk show last week (in Canada I think) that his own boyfriend had become jealous of Rufus' obsession with the sex god that is Jake Gyllenhaal. All I can say is, it's your turn next Major Grooves.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

PS I hope you're feeling better and a lot less clammy.

Unknown said...


Have seen Rufus twice and he is amazing, check out his little sister Martha who is excellent in a more folksy rock way.

Amazing thing about the gig is I realised everyone in Oxford isn't as straight laced as I thought


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Check this out Major Grooves...