Sunday 28 October 2007

Au revoir Claude?

I put my good old Claude Butler push bike on Freecycle and within a few hours I had had 5 offers to take it off my hands!

I will be sad to see my old bike go. I've had it since I was about 15. It was a reward for doing well in my Standard Grade exams. Either that or an admission by Mum & Dad that my old "Free Spirit" bike was a death trap.

Well the Free Spirit was a death trap due to poor design and dodgy bits (who needs two pedals?). Ol' Claude is no death trap but he has become a bit run down due to my neglect.

Of course out with the old - in with the new! Andrew recently upgraded from his Claude Butler and bought a super expensive downhill mountain bike. I did something similar and took Dad's old Peugeot bike off him, while he acquired Andrew's old bike.

Yes, the old bone-rattler (ironic name due to the spring mounted saddle) that I used to mock is now mine. Mine I tell you! MINE!

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