Saturday 3 November 2007

Closer to the dark side

Today I took a few steps closer to the dark (geeky) side. Walking past Games Workshop in Oxford today, I thought I would pop in and ask the guys in there if they had any idea where I could get a display cabinet for my models. They didn't. However, as usual they asked a bit about whether I played any of the games and as usual I told the guy that I hadn't played for years but occasionally thought about it.

He offered me a chance to play a game, but I turned him down. Thirty minutes later I was back in there commanding my Dwarf army against a horde of Goblins!

Now, hats off to the guys who work in these shops - they are very passionate about the games. However, I have slight trouble handling this enthusiasm when it's coming from strangers. It might enthuse the kids but I get slightly, well, embarrassed. I like the games, but I still can't deny they are a bit... geeky. However, I don't have a problem with being a bit geeky (just a bit mind).

If I was head of GW Marketing I would do two things: have adult only evenings for playing the games. I can't be bothered with getting my ass kicked by a bunch of smelly kids.

Which leads me to point number 2. They need to have some kind of advanced air filtration or freshener system in the shops along with a very strict personal hygiene policy for their staff. Too many over-enthusiastic people spending all day in one confined space does tend to result in a smelly shop. Last time I tried to go in there in Wendy she was straight out the door it smelt so much. I guarantee increased revenues for GW!

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