Monday 31 December 2007

DragonForce Rock!

Awesome. That is the only word that can describe the force that is DragonForce.

Until very recently, my only experience of DragonForce was listening to some crazy double bass drumming that leaked from Joe's headphones. A couple of casual attempts to listen to DragonForce did not make me want to listen any further.

Little did I know, that is because DragonForce cannot be listened to casually. Oh no, you have to become immersed baby! You need to become one with the DragonForce. You need to feel their awesome-ness coursing through your veins!

My recent introduction to DragonForce has come through the highly cool game of Guitar Hero III, which Fraser got for Christmas. More on that in a second.

First, so that you too can feel the awesome-ness of DragonForce, have a look at this video:

Next, to also hear how awesome DragonForce is, plus see how difficult Guitar Hero can be, see this video:

It could be argued that if you spent less time playing computer games and more time playing real musical instruments, you would be able to play the song on a real guitar.

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Anonymous said...

Hail, brother, DragonForce rock!