Sunday 2 December 2007

Nokia N95 accelerometer applications

In the past week my Nokia N95 has gone from lingering disappointment, to actually meeting expectations. Main reason is the aforementioned firmware upgrade. GPS locks in less than 30s baby!

Now I've started playing with the accelerometer. The only Nokia use for this so far is the stabiliser on the video camera. However, lots of other people have started writing software for it.

So now I have RotateMe, which allows my phone to act similar to an iPhone and automatically rotate the screen (I had to play around with self-signing a certificate to get this to work - not exactly straightforward but the instructions are okay).

Then I got the lightsabre. Completely pointless but kinda cool:

And from Nokia themselves we have the ball game, which really just demonstrates the accelerometer in action:

I expect that when the N-Gage is released in December there will be lots of Wii-style games released.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget this:

Anonymous said...

hey im tryin to install rotateme on my n95 iv already got the accelorometer on my fone and iv got the bouncing ball game which is cool, but for some reason when im tryin to install rotateme it says there is a certificate error, i read ur post and it said that u had to self-sign a certificate or something...? is that whats preventing me from installing it? do u no how to help me? please email me

Anonymous said...

Go here to follow a step-by-step guide on how to self-sign a certificate.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post, I've reviewed some of the accelerometer applications over on my blog - I did wonder if the iPhone had any 'fun' applications?

Anonymous said...

ye i went on that page but i couldnt make an account i used 6 different emails from to

Unknown said...

If you're having problems signing the files, I've been using open sign and it works well.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Rock N Scroll Is By Far The Best Application For The Accelerometer .