Tuesday 18 April 2006

Courchevel 2004 - pics and video uploaded

I'm in the process of re-uploading some pics to my gallery. Here are some pics from the 2004 ski-ing holiday that Dad, Andrew, Fraser and myself took to Courchevel, France. This pic is a multi-shot of the famous 'Andy Flies' incident, which has been re-created into a hilarious animated gif which can be seen here. Possibly the funniest 'picture' I have ever taken!

Also, thanks to the wonder that is Google Video, I am pleased to present a video of Fraser showing his stuff:

Fraser is known throughout the snow-blade world as one of the sport's top stunters. Here he shows his most ambitious stunt to date - the 'do a really tiny jump then fall on your arse doing a 360 degree spin'. This move will surely enter the record books as one of the most spectacular ever...

My wee brother:

Also see this wee jump, after which he fell too!

Also, while I'm at it, here is a nice video of Andrew playing with Phoebe and Ellie in the garden. Phoebe was still a wee puppy when this was taken. Video.

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