Tuesday 25 April 2006

Video of Jade Goody 'Running' the 2006 London Marathon

As promised, here is a video of Jade Goody 'running' the 2006 London Marathon (you'll have to tilt your head as I didn't know how to make it landscape).

Now, I was going to say 'fair play' to her. She was walking her way round, but she was by no means last.

However, it turns out she didn't finish the race (in fact she collapsed and got taken to hospital), so I think it's only fair I level some criticism at her.

She's a waste of space. In her pre-race interview she said she had got 'bored' of training, had prepared by eating curries and had never run for more than half an hour in her life. The girl has put out a fitness video!

Fortunately, she had covered her boobs and feet in Vaseline...

She was wearing flat tennis shoes and some Gucci rubbish.

Stupid girl. How did she ever think she was going to finish the route? She's taken the place of some deserving runner who could have finished the race. In fact by treating the race with such scant disregard she is showing complete disrespect for the 30,000+ runner who actually did make an effort.

She is probably the best (i.e. worst) example of British celebrity culture. Famous for absolutely nothing. Glorifying stupidity in the extreme. She has absolutely no talent to offer other than being talentless. In fact she is so talentless she could be considered talented at being talentless. That's one paradox I don't want to get my head round.

However, I did take a video of her. Because she is famous. Because she is famous for being useless. Does that make me a fan of the useless blimp? Nah, I'm just doing a national service by showing how useless she is.

I'm being too harsh. Time to stop.

The sooner she goes away for good the better.

/rant over


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with wearing flat soled tennis shoes?

No really?? Whats wrong with them. Surely if they are comfy I can wear them.

In the future please dont take the piss out of my footwear!

Major_Grooves said...

I think your footwear was the least of your problems, 'Jade'!

FW said...

Those celebrity fitness videos are good for one thing only. Although, I'm lost as to what I'd do if I ever watched Jade's.