Friday 28 April 2006

Curry 'n' Chips

Wendy is away, so tonight I ate like a King. A King who likes curry 'n' chips. Curry n' chips heated in a microwave. Not a very impressive King to be honest.

We were out shopping in the supermarket and I was trying to decide upon my favourite make of tofu and whether organic artichokes led a better life than free-range kiwis , when some cheeky scamp sneaked the packet of frozen Curry 'n' Chips into our trolley. I never even knew Co-op had a frozen section! First I knew of the Curry 'n' Chips was when I packed it. I was mortified. Honest. I mean, are those free-range chips and is the curry organic? I only kept them because it has a big green 'V' for vegan, which means it has no sea-food or milk in it.

Good thing about Curry 'n' Chips is that it has never started any wars.

Unlike Cheese, when combined with Chips, which started the infamous '"Chips 'n' Cheese" or "Cheese 'n' Chips"' war of 1999 fought outside Pegasus no. 2 ('Sus' to the veterans of that campaign).

I still bear the scars.

I also have a limp, but that's unrelated.

War huh?


Anonymous said...

it still has to be cheese and chips

Anonymous said...
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