Wednesday 27 September 2006

Bye bye Kev!

The weekend past was Kev's farewell tour. The dates on this tour were:

Wednesday/Thursday: Peterborough
Friday/Saturday/Sunday: London
Sunday/Monday/Tuesday: Oxford

Supporting Kev on his tour were, Gary and Jodie, Matt and Alison, and myself and Wendy.

Was good to see everyone together, but for me the weekend was somewhat ruined by feeling really ill with a sore throat. I ended up taking Monday off work and still feel a bit rubbish even now. I don't think I've ever taken so many painkillers in one week!

Seemed like loads of pics were taken, but of the ones that Kev put on my computer, none were of the main act himself! Oops. I was going to make some kind of edited movie with the video clips, but they are all in the Apple MOV format so I can't use them! Arse!

Seeing as I can't make a video, I shall post the intro to "The Littlest Hobo":

We took things a bit easy in Oxford. As I was ill I sent Kev out on his own to explore. Was a bit wierd saying bye to him. Everybody else did a proper bye in London - i.e. they actually left.

I did a bye and then went into the next room - because Kev was actually leaving the next morning. Then I came back through because I forgot some stuff.

Then I went to bed and Kev was still in the flat and we had said our goodbyes!

But I would see the Hamill-monster again sooner than I expected.

The next day I get a call when I am at work...

me: "You alright Kev?"
Kev: "Umm, no, someone seems to have locked the door and I am trapped and need to catch the train to the airport."
Me thinks, gosh, who could this someone be? I wonder if Kev could jump from the balcony? "Oh crap, sorry, I'll be there in 15min"

So I jump on the motorbike and rush home to let him in. Poor ickle Kev is standing at the door with his Padington bear suitcase and jar of marmolade ready to leave. I presume he made it but not sure because his mobile is bust. Maybe he is still in Birmingham Airport reading a book?

Soon as I got to work there I got a phone call from Hotpoint who were trying to deliver a fridge to my flat. They were actually outside the door where i had just been 20min ago. They were supposed to phone me before delivering the fridge. I guess they don't expect people with jobs to actually buy stuff. Why do all these stupid delivery firms not leave the 1970s and start delivering when people are actually in? There's not always a 'housewife' at home these days!

Anyway, Kev goes to Chicago next Tuesday. I will miss him when I go back up to Dundee for my visits. I hope I have persuaded him to get a webcam so we can taunt each other and play online games. I also think he has some reading to do which will enhance his time in Chicago.

Bye buddy! The UK won't be the same without you.

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Anonymous said...

Bye bye Kev! That intro to Littlest Hobo is so damn sad! I just hope you make friends like Littlest Hobo.