Wednesday 13 September 2006

DVD Month

Due to the current high price of oil, unrest in the Middle East, the strength of the pound vs the dollar and me buying a GPS unit last month, I am currently a bit broke. My economic forecasting skills indicate that by the end of the month I will have even less money than I have now. Helpfully, once my bank account reaches £0.00 (which it will do when I have spent another 2715p), the bank begins to top-up my account with the nice negative money. It's like normal money, but it's negatively charged - like electrons. Like electrons, negative money can give you a shock if you get too many of them at once. They also make you sweat. And annoyed. And boring.

That's why the rest of September is DVD month!

I've taken up the free intro offer with, whereby you get 6 DVDs for 21 days for FREE. The normal intro offer is 5 DVDs, but if you enter the promotional code freedvds you get 6. Those posters at the urinals in the cinema do educate you...

I've done these free online DVD service intro offers before. I've probably used Screenselect before, but if they want to give me DVDs for free that is fine. There are a few more of these services and they usually give free intro periods. If the price of oil stays high, I might have to 'try out' another service.

Downside is that I feel a bit guilty for (temporarily) abandoning my lovely local indepedent video shop. Least I can do is give them a link: Video and DVD Hire in Oxford.

I may also have some DVD reviews to blog. How riveting. Bring on the electrons.

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Anonymous said...

If I join my big negative number with your big negative number does that mean we get a positive number?