Sunday 3 September 2006

Steve endorses... Rugby Shirts!

I like to link to places and products that I like, particularly if they are personal friends. Today I would like to direct your attention to the Rugby Plus website. They started out with a shop in Dundee and I started work in there pretty soon after it opened while I was a student. With the staff discount I was able to clad myself head to toe in Canterbury rugby gear. They're doing pretty well, with a new store in Stirling and one opening soon (or has just opened) in Aberdeen. I believe they deliver worldwide

I bought my Scotland rugby shirt in there. If they weren't using frames I would link to the actual product. The website is perfectly navigable but I think it could do with a re-vamp...

So "hi" to Dave and Cathy if you ever google the shop and find your way here!

Of course if it's cool phonetic and foreign phrase t-shirts you're looking for then I would remind you of my wee t-shirt site... ;)

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