Wednesday 28 November 2007

N95 upgrade!

I finally built up the bottle to upgrade my N95. Last time I tried this it killed the phone and I ended up with a rather expensive brick, which, fortunately Nokia replaced.

This time I wanted to upgrade the phone to get the Assisted-GPS feature. The phone's GPS has been a huge disappointment - I don't think many people would consider an average time of 10min to get a GPS lock to be acceptable.

To get the firmware upgrade I had to use some software to rebrand the phone as a generic since Orange can't get their asses into gear to release the software. I was bricking it hoping the phone would not do the same as changing the code invalidates the warranty. Well Orange can kiss my Scottish ass because it worked!

I now have A-GPS, and I got a lock in my flat in less that 1min. Result!

I also have access to the previews for the new N-Gage games which look like they will be quite cool.

Ref: I used this guide and this guide to update my phone.

I also rather like the look of this iPhone like software.

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Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that you needed a GPS system to locate your flat....