Friday 13 October 2006

Feed the sloth

Good vs Evil

David vs Goliath

Transformers vs Decepticons

Allies vs Axis

Ninjas vs Pirates

Tonight I fought a battle of my own: my hunger vs my laziness. Would I be so lazy that I would not cook anything to eat or would my hunger force me to eat something?

To give me a hint to the battle ahead I did a Googlefight for hungry vs lazy. It was an impressively close fight, with hungry just winning 64,100,000 to lazy's 63,500,000.

What the website couldn't take into account was the fact that I had quite a big lunch. So laziness won the real fight.

In the end I had to eat something though. So, tonight's tea was: two slices of cheese, three slices of bread with honey and one slice of bread with raspberry jam.

Unfortunately, I dropped the jam sandwich on my jumper and I have no jam or honey left for breakfast. Hmmm...

The Swiss Miss is here this weekend so I will be heading down to London tomorrow to see her and Rina and Keno et al.

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Anonymous said...

Did evil win in the end? Is the warrior no more? Have the Decepticons finished him off? WHERE ARE YOU?