Tuesday 31 October 2006

Pumpkin time

Tonight we went on the scary ghost walk which started and ended with a few drinks at the famous White Horse pub in Broad Street.

I carved a pumpkin which seemed to be very popular with the German tour guide who wanted many photos taken of it. I'm glad everyone seemed to like it.

I can't take full artistic credit for the design as I got it from Pumpkin Masters, although I took their smiley ghost and made him slightly less jolly. I might seriously consider getting one of their pumpkin template books next year and attempting something grand. Alternatively, I could go extreme! I need some artistic outlet and I think it is pumpkin carving!

I think my last attempt was a little more sinister looking.

Photo of pumpkin taken by Jing. That's JING! Jing took the photo!

Photo courtesy of Jing ©2006


Anonymous said...

Sorry can you clarify - was that Jing who took the photo? I don't think you made that quite clear.

neuba said...

Yes..very cool Steve. Sounds like an fun thing to do on Halloween.