Saturday 21 October 2006

Go to Dundee, Do not pass Go, Do not collect £200.

The idiots at Hasbro though it would be fun to replace "Go to Jail" on the Aberdeen version of the game, with "Go To Dundee". Unsurprisingly, it caused an uproar in Dundee and they have dropped the plan. Maybe they're not so stupid though. Everybody in Aberdeen and Dundee must now now that an Aberdeen version of the game is coming out. That's the sort of advertising you can't pay for. Cynical marketing ploy perhaps?

Apparently the Dundee version is planned for 2009. Just enough time for everyone to forget about this story, then Hasbro can get similar exposure when they reveal the Dundee version will tell us to "Go to Fife"...


Swedish versus British nightclubs. Can you tell the difference?

Warning! Link safe for work unless you are offended by ugly girls. Also do not open if you are offended by beautiful girls.


Lastly, here's a song:

The Feeling - Never Be Lonely

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Anonymous said...

That really is depressing! No really it is!

Any how I know where I ll be looking for my future wife!!