Thursday 16 November 2006

Blogger Beta archives don't work

I recently switched to Blogger Beta and now none of my archives work anymore. The help for Blogger says to republish the blog. As it is nearly impossible to republish in Beta, I went to "Archives" saved my changes without making any changes, and was then given the option to republish. However, the archives still don't work.

Anyone got a fix?


Iceman said...

I assure you Major, life is fair. I faced the same problem and had to tweak HTML codes in Templates. Tell you what. There's a simpler way to solve it. Go to Settings and reset the Archive Frequency to another, eg Monthly to Weekly. Then set it back to the original frequency. This simple trick somehow gets around the interface glitch. Try it!

Anonymous said...

Other people have had the same issue with archives, and it's usually because one setting didn't carry
Right now your archives are going to
When in reality the files are here

In Blogger under archive settings check the ARCHIVE URL and it most likely should have the word /archive/ in the url there, like

For some reason that particular one doesn't seem to carry over during the switch.

The publishing via FTP is wonky in beta, others have experienced that also. They'll probably be getting that better soon one would hope.

Noah said...

Okay: I've got the same problem. How did you solve it? I tried changing Archive Frequency and it didn't work. I can't find where the ARCHIVE URL is on the Settings tab. Not sure what to do at this point. Blogger has not answered my email . . .

Major_Grooves said...

Thanks to "wasted"'s suggestion, my archives are now working. Follow his instructions and you should be fine!