Tuesday 28 November 2006

blogger comments problems

Since I updated the blog to Blogger beta I have had a few problems with comments. Before, comments would appear more or less instantly. Now they take ages to appear and apparently people sometimes get error messages. Sometimes I will get the email telling me a comment has been posted and I can see there is a comment in my Dashboard but when I go to the post there is nothing there.

For example on this post I know that someone left a comment but it won't appear.

Is this something to do with me having an FTP blog and not hosting on blogger.com? The reason I host my own site is that I want to keep using my own domain name. I suppose the alternative is to make my domain name point at my blogger site but have the actual site hosted by blogger.

I believe there are a number of other new features of blogger I am missing by hosting my own site.

Can anyone confirm this or offer any advice. If so, please, ummmm, leave a comment.


Dustin said...

Thanks for confirming my thoughts on this! I've had some that have just never shown up, even though I've gotten the e-mail. I've even had the "number" on the comments go up and then down and then back up. It's only been since I went to the beta. The people at blogger help don't believe me...nice to know there's someone else!

Seige said...

That's interesting. I'm not sure why, but I definitely interested to know more. Sadly I don't have a FTP account to test this out.

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