Sunday 13 May 2007

Guitar playing

I've been trying to play the guitar a bit more recently. I think I was prompted when some of the clan were down recently. Andy has been playing a bit more so was sounding quite decent on the guitar.

I can't be out-done by a little bro so I have picked up the guitar again. At the moment I'm playing Razorlight and Paulo Nutini songs. Funny when you start playing these songs you realise they are all quite simple in terms of the chords, it's getting a good melody and lyrics that is difficult.

Of course I still reckon I could write some great songs and be a mega-star. Shame I never bother to write any songs down. I just don't feel I can justify calling a G,C,D sequence of chords a "song", but if Razorlight can then so can I!

One problem I encounter as a singer-songwriter is that I can't sing and play at the same time! If the strumming rhythm is a bit unusual I lose it completely when I start singing. Also my singing isn't great (stop singing out your nose, says Wendy), but I don't that's stopped many bands.

I've only ever played one gig, and that was in 4rd year Biochemistry as a Beatles tribute band where we had a screaming audience of a few hundred. It was amazing! I would love to have the guts to play in public again. Only thing holding me back is not being very good at the guitar, or singing, or having any songs, or being in a band.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Speaking as someone who's heard you sing - very often - can I suggest the trumpet?

Anonymous said...

that beatles gig was awesome! ahhhhh the feeling of hair dye running down me face. if only your dad had decided to film the whole thing!!

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