Sunday 13 May 2007

OMG! Jake Gylenhall [sic] is sooo cute!

A friend of mine recently started a Jake Gyllenhaal fansite blog. To protect their anonymity, I shall refer to this person as Alfonso.

Alfonso is quite the Jake fan and has all the restriction orders necessary to prove it. I had been hoping that this site might be a "OMG Jake is soooo cute" style fan-site, which would give me some ample ammo for some stalker-style teasing.

Well I was wrong. I forgot to take into account that Alfonso is a published writer, so Alf's blog posts are all very well written and about interesting (as far as anything Gyllenhaal-related can be) topics.

Maybe I'm quite jealous. Alfonso's blog is really very good. What is more, it attracts hundred's of page views and each post gets loads of comments. Why would people want to read about Jake's life when they could read about my starter motor? I don't get it...

However I did inspire Alfonso to start blogging (I think) so I can take some credit for that!


Anonymous said...

Alphonso=Kate. A published writer?? Ok.

Major_Grooves said...

I don't know who this Kate person you talk of is...

...however I can confirm that Alfonso is a published writer.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Major Grooves, a litle birdie informed me that you have been taking the Jake name in vain again - btw, I'm glad you find him sooo cute! - Jake speaks highly of you too.

I knew the efforts of Alphonso would turn you into a Gyllenhaalic of the first rank - Alphonso will be delighted when I tell him.

Oh yes, we don't think your blog's that bad either and - ashamed to say it as we are - your blog did kinda inspire us.

Alphonso is particularly interested in hearing more about your starter motor, Major Grooves, but he doesn't want to push that bleeding bike of your's one more time. Comprendez?

I'll pass your kind regards onto Jake.

Wet Dark and Wild

PS Mine's a pint ;)