Tuesday 12 December 2006

How do fruit flies process lipids?

As a young child, I used to wonder to myself whether the humble fruit fly had a liver.

Unfortunately nobody could answer my childish question.

That was until I met Keno, who embarked upon a mission to find out.

One PhD later, and Keno has published his finding in Nature! Congratulations Keno!

Now I know that the fruit fly does indeed have lipid processing cells. I thought as much!

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! I am in AWE of Keno!!! Nature!!! That is pretty amazing! Do you think his eureka moment came when he was puffing on a shisha? (I hope this is the same Keno as the one I met on Sat, otherwise I apologise!).

As for Stevo's rahter 'curious' imagination as a child, I can only say, you poor thing......