Wednesday 20 December 2006

What a bore!

Sorry, I mean - What a boar!

Went into the Covered Market today and saw this fine beast hanging from a hook outside the butcher's.

This butcher's is fantastic. Real old style. None of the sanitised "pretend your meat wasn't once alive" crap. The meat there looks like it could almost get up and walk away. If it wasn't hanging from a hook. Or headless and legless like lots of them are.

I'd like to see what the Animal Activist tubes would make of it. There's a lot of kids these days that don't really appreciate that meat comes from animals. The same kids that don't realise milk comes from cows. Would probably be good to show them a butcher's like this.

That said, I really wouldn't know how to prepare meat like that. I'll just stick to the rubbish from the supermarkets for now.


Stuart said...

Hey Stevey-boy, you going back to Dundee over Xmas or are you staying down here with all the mist and meat?

Major_Grooves said...

I'm going to escape the mist if I can. Flying back tomorrow. Just hope the mist doesn't envelop Birmingham airport!

SilentMobius said...

hey there, funny you should mention that boar, that has been the topic of conversation over here since we saw it a couple of weeks ago. anywhoo hope you had a merry christmas. see you in the new year