Saturday 2 December 2006

Karaoke practice

I found a really cool online karaoke machine where you can practice your songs before the big night. The choice of songs there is not huge, but, yes, there are some Sinatra songs!

Here's another one, where you can sing one of the best songs around - the theme tune to CBeebies Balamory! (What's the Story) In Balamory?

I'm also pleased to announce that, thanks to theShaggyDA, I have 'acquired' a mp3 file of the karaoke version of the Elephant Love Song Medley! Yah! My audience will not be disappointed! I've tried to practice it, but I'm just going to hope the karaoke machine on Friday has a good key changer because it's a couple of octaves too high for me.


Anonymous said...

It has been a bit quiet on your blog lately, hasn't it? Still having problems with your comments?

Am happy to see you are preparing yourself for the karaoke. I will do the same so you don't steal my spotlight.

Anonymous said...

hi. i have been looking for the karaoke version of of elephant love song medley and googled for it.i was directed to your site. any chance you could send me the mp3 or mp3cdg file in a zip format? my email is

thanks in advance!