Wednesday 27 December 2006

which shoes?

which shoes?
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UPDATE: Some time later... So the problem here was that I was in the shoe shop and I couldn't decide between these two pairs of boots. Being the techno-geek that I am, I thought I would send a picture to my blog, then get someone to look online and help me decide. Well the first bit worked - I just couldn't find anyone to look at the picture.... except Dad who thought the ones on the left were best. Phone calls to Wendy, Da Jingster and Julie were of no help. I actually had to get Andy and Phil to come to the shop to help me choose. Anyway, I went for the ones on the right. I think I preferred the other ones but they didn't fit quite as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stevo,

Sorry I was of no help, but I'm still very honoured that you thought of little old me when it came to choosing shoes! Ah! Those hours that I dedicated to studying shoes in glossy magazines and on-line has finally paid off and I am now a recognised shoe critic! Life can only get better! :o)

A bit late, but I would have gone for the brown ones too (good choice papa renwick!!!), but I was once told that you should always wear the shoes and not let the shoes wear you (obviously not the advice I took if all the scars on my feet from years of shoe-abuse are anything to go by), so you made the 'sensible' choice by going with the black ones. Don't worry! Before you rush off back to the shops and exchange them, the black ones do get Jing's stamp of approval as well!

I, however, have been greatly disappointed with the Dune sale this year. I went shopping with every good intention to splash on a couple/few pairs of new shoes, but was confronted with the never-before traumatic experience of not being able to find any that 'spoke to me'.....hmmmmm.....will have to return to the shops later this week and give it another go, but I fear I may come home empty handed and in need of therapy for going cold turkey on shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell much from the lighting but I preferred the brogue type ones but you don't need me you do Ok on your own! I'm sure the black ones are fine. I was shopping too so even if I'd picked up I wouldn't have been very helpful ;)

See ya x

Anonymous said...

I knew it dude! Despite the manly chest hair and braw Scottish accent, you are a girl! Oh how the mighty have fallen....

Major_Grooves said...

Argh, everyone prefers the shoes I didn't get (they're dark brown not black btw) and Jo says I'm a girl!