Thursday 28 December 2006

Jimmy Chung's Doesn't Serve Seagulls!

Jimmy Chung's Does NOT Serve Seagulls!

When I came back up to Dundee I heard the bizare rumour that the Scottish Chinese buffet chain, Jimmy Chung's, had been closed down in Dundee for serving seagull instead of chicken.

At first I believed it and talked about it to other people, some of whom hadn't heard the rumour before. I nearly texted Wendy as soon as I heard to tell her about it.

However, a few more level headed people pointed out it was probably a load of rubbish. Would seem they are correct - it's just an Internet gossip fueled load of nonsense. Sounds like they just closed for a week and someone has taken it upon themselves to start this rumour. Sadly, it seems to have badly affected their takings. Seems really wrong that their business can be ruined by numpties like me believing ridiculous rumours.

I hope that the power of this blog puts it at the top of an Google search for "Jimmy Chung's Seagull" and I can help put the rumour down. I walked past last night and it was deserted. Maybe if you see any of this seagull nonsense posted elsewhere you could put a link to this post (use the permalink) or to the Daily Record story. Maybe leave a comment (below) to acknowledge your support for the restaurant.

However, I did eat next door in Papa Joes, which was fine, then went drinking in several West end pubs, then off dancing in Fat Sams. While I was in the queue for Fatties, blethering to anyone who would listen, some girls told me that my clothing "style" (in particular the scarf, leather gloves and sexy, sexy shoes) made me look like a "pretentious, English metrosexual". I think saying I look English was a bit of a cheap shot, and has left me feeling quite low. However, they also gave me two compliments so that's nice! ;)


Unknown said...

Thought it was about time I left a note although its not particularly related to this blog more the plethora of blogs I got to read as I hadn't checked out your site for at least a week. Solid work there. Glad your having a cool Christmas.
Now I realise I don't have a cool tag name-damn.
PS like the shoes although I prefer the other ones :-)

Anonymous said...

Everyone prefers the other ones. :( But hey, at least these ones fit! :)

Stuart said...

Interesting about Chung's - I noticed the other day they have numerous news articles in the window refuting the seagull nonsense. I'll need to pop in before I leave - Leicester's buffet places are nowhere near as good.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you enjoyed yourself back in Dundee. Am assuming you are back in Oxford by now.

After going out on Friday, I just needed to show you this link:

This is the new style of dancing in Holland. Does it remind you of a certain style first seen in Oxford?

Major_Grooves said...

Note: I am now #1 for that Google search!