Tuesday 30 May 2006

Climbing @ Portland, Dorset

Went climbing to Portland, Dorset at the weekend with the old Nimrock crew and a few others. Stayed at the Hotel Aqua where we got a pretty good room for all of us for £14 a night. I woulddefinitelyy go back there, even if we did get odd looks from the sailors/divers!

Saturday - Was a bit misty and windy so we went to the Cuttings which is a bit more sheltered. As usual I started off on a deceptively difficult grade 4 climb, which I couldn't finish - on a top rope. Reassuringly some of the others found it pretty difficult too. Did another couple of 4s but didn't feel too great about the climbing. Had my usual 'do I actually even like climbing' thoughts.

Sunday - Started at the Cuttings then went to ... somewhere else... Once again I flunked out on a grade 4 top roped, then managed a couple of other 4s.

Monday - Weather is much nicer - really hot when the clouds clear, although there were a few spots of rain. Thumbs up to Portland's micro-climate. Had a much better day climbing. I led a mighty 3, although there could have been a typo in the book and it should be a 8. Also did a couple of nice 4s that put some confidence back into me. At the end of the day

Conclusions - I need to get back into climbing. I think I've only been once to the climbing gym since moving to Oxford in September and now I have no strength, stamina, skill or, most importantly, bottle! Might have to grit my teeth and go to Oxford Brookes climbing wall.

Cheers for the climbing weekend guys! Although I started off dubious (about the climbing) it ended up being a really good trip - even if my climbing ratio was about 2.5 routes a day! Was good to see some new faces too.

My photos here.


Anonymous said...

u r are munkey

Major_Grooves said...

At last! You leave a comment...but you make no sense! Must try harder.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say:
You are a monkey (ref to the climbing).
Will work on something more witty/humerous for next time.