Thursday 11 May 2006

GSK in animal-testing shock!

I'm kind of confused by the animal rights extremists who recently sent letters to a few of GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) 150,000+ shareholders.

The letter tells them that GSK uses the 'animal torture' company, Huntington Life Sciences (HLS), to test their new drugs in development.

The extremists threatened to put the shareholder's addresses on the internet if they didn't sell their shares. There has been an injunction to prevent them doing this though.

I'm just a bit confused by this and I haven't seen anything in the media voice the same confusion.

Drug company uses animal testing.

Drug company... uses.... animal testing.... Hmmmmmm.....

Is there anything surprising there? Was that unexpected? It it because they particuarly hate HLS or animal testing in general, because surely most people know by now that drugs are tested on animals. Do the extremists have a 'preferred' animal testing facility? Would it be better if it was all done in-house?

I didn't notice any 'GSK in Animal Testing Shock' headlines. If there were any, they were probably buried next to the 'Butcher Admits to Slaughter' and 'Rentakill Kills Vermin' headlines.

So why pick on GSK? I suppose it is because they are the biggest pharma company in the UK?

OH NO! A company makes profits out of selling medicine and in doing so tortures animal! EVIL I TELL THEE!

You have to see the video of one of the animal rights people defending the threatening letters. He does appear to be a complete tool. He keeps going on about investing in an 'animal torture' company.

'Animal torture' company? Eh? Yeah I imagine the board of GSK sitting round their table: 'So how will we increase profits this year?... Well we are an animal torture lab, let's do more animal torture. People pay us to torture - not make life saving drugs! In fact screw the drugs - they're too expensive. Let's just torture!

Why pick on GSK? What about every other pharma and biotech company in the world. What about the Universities and cancer research charities that do basic biology... that work will eventually lead to drugs so should be stopped now!

Anyway, the bottom line is that I hate the 'mock shock' that a drug company uses animal testing.

It's impossible on the internet to convey the correct sound that this 'mock shock' makes me want to utter, but it means 'Duh', and would go something like Nyyyuuuuuuhhhhhh!

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