Tuesday 2 May 2006

Why you shouldn't guess email addresses

I received the following email in one of my email accounts earlier this evening:

Note: I've removed actual names from this post...

Hi Honey,
How was your day.As you can tell I cannot remember what the gmail address is
so I sent it to joe.bloggs and jo.bloggs.
Quick note could you send those 2 forwards to Trace as Richard is dying to
get something from you and I want her to see the one with the man's head.Did
not tell her what it was justthat she would laugh and say no when she sees
Love you poopy
ps. Our boy has gas again today and has not slept for the afternoon.Feel bad
cause i was not home for the whole afternoon.:)

My not particularly funny reply (I only had 5 minutes to type it as Lost Series 2 was about to begin!):

Hi Sexy,

Jeez you know I don't like you calling me poopy. I prefer Mr Power Pants!

Work was okay. Spent most of the day flirting with Wendy in the office again. She is hot!

Not sure which forwards you want me to sent to Trace? The one with the man's head? I'm hoping it isn't something to do with execution because that would be a bit twisted.

Too bad he's still got gas. I sometimes find giving him a quick squeeze helps. I sometimes break wind in front of him to encourage him. We have such fun passing wind together.

Love you too lovely bum!


P.S. I think you have sent this to the wrong joe.bloggs. Probably not a good idea to go guessing people's email addresses on googlemail!

P.P.S. Hope this reply has made you laugh anyway. All the best - the other Joe Bloggs

Ah, I'm so puerile!

Of course it is possible that the email was actually trawling for active email addresses in which case I have just flagged mine as live and can expect lots of junk mail in the near future.

I'll let you know what happens...


Kait said...

Hilarious. If only I could be so lucky to have random emails to respond to at least once a month...

Major_Grooves said...

It's worth commenting that my namesake is a real person. We've exchanged a few emails and I've had a few more mis-directed emails.

In fact we are now friends on Facebook!