Wednesday 3 May 2006


I started playing this game, In the Pink, run by the Financial Times where you act as the CEO of a company in your chosen industry.

It's only been running three days but my pharma company, MajorGrooves Pharma, is doing rubbish! My company has increased from US$1 M to approx. US$1.5 M, but there are people on the leaderboard who are on US$23.5 M. How is that possible after only three days?

If anyone has any tips for me, please leave them in the comments section below. Ta!


Anonymous said...

put up a link for the crazy guitarist that u showed family

Anonymous said...

Argh! I know! I was doing okay, but then my risk card revealed a massive fraud in my company and now I'm $200,000 DOWN! Do you know this week's bonus code, by any chance?

Major_Grooves said...

You think $200,000 is bad? I once got a card that put me down $7,500,000!

My company is doing a lot better now. I left pharma and set up a hotel chain! My luck has also improved too (touch wood!)

...and you want me to give you the code? Not sure that would make me a very good CEO - helping the competition (I get a mate to text it to me, lol!).