Wednesday 24 May 2006

Weetabix, Lordi and Perthshire.

I must draw you attention to Weetabix Week. I haven't registered yet, but I think it is full of new and exciting ways to eat Weetabix.

As the Internet's leading online authority on Weetabix eating, I thought they would have asked for my input. They must have forgotten.

I think the Lordi song for Eurovision is growing on me. The music video is on Google video and is actually pretty cool! A friend just sent me an email to say the girl on the video is quite cute. I have no opinion on this matter.

Lastly I found this website by an English guy living in Perth who seems to have a real problem with Perthshire council. It's quite an interesting read, but I've no idea if it's true. What I do find annoying is Perth council's attempts to get the website shut down and getting a 'robust' police enquiry. Give me a break! Based on that idiocy/censorship, I'll side with the ranting Englishman for now...

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