Tuesday 23 May 2006

The Shins gig @ Oxford Brookes Student Union

Went to see the Shins at Oxford Brookes Student Union last night. They were pretty good. I thought I would only recognise the two songs on the Garden State soundtrack, but I had forgotten that Wendy had bought one of their albums so I knew most of the songs already.

The support act, 'Triangles' were rubbish though. They 'lost' their guitars at one point, so the pretentious looking one with the weird guitar got up on stage and started reading poetry in a really annoying, nasal Californian accent. I don't have anything against Californians, but this guy was a bit of a gimp. He fair got pelters for it though! Apart from that they sounded rubbish too.

Well that's a comprehensive review...

The Shins: pretty good
Triangles: rubbish and included a gimp with poetry

Wonder if I can get a job with NME?

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