Tuesday 20 June 2006

Breaking news!

Well the previous press release was really just a bit of a joke, but then it seemed like a decent idea to put out a real press release so we did so with PRWeb.

You can use them to send free press releases, but I opted to pay $40 to increase the press release's exposure. The press release I wrote received an editorial score of 4/5, so my PR 'value' got upgraded to $80.

So here is the officially launched press release:

ComprehensionClothing.com Launches Phonetically Engineered Clothing.

I have had one media contact through it so I will let you know what happens with that.


Jeff said...

Cool shirts. I might have to buy one, and I'm glad to see your still cooking,

Major_Grooves said...

Hi Jeff. Good to hear from you - thanks for commenting. I'm glad you like the t-shirts. Spread the word! :-)