Wednesday 28 June 2006

Moaning Tennis Players

...and I don't mean Monica Seles. Or did she grunt?

Anyway, Wimbledon is upon us, and the annual debate about equal prize money for men and women has opened again.

Venus wades into tennis cash row

At the moment the men get £655,000 while the women get £625,000. According to Venus, this sends the message that women are 'inferior'.

The article does mention that 'Some argue that men deserve more because they play up to five sets while women play up to three.'

Well, duh! I'd like to actually see a good argument against the above point.

Surely the women should get even less - 3/5 that of the males.

If the men and women both played best of 5 (or 3) then of course they should get equal prize money - regardless of any arguments that the men's game is more entertaining and gets more viewers, which does suggest women are inferior, which, of course, they are not.

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