Sunday 18 June 2006

Passenger Lifts and Stairlifts in Scotland

Just thought I would mention Dad's company Caltech Ltd, who install passenger lifts and stairlifts throughout Scotland.

Lifted from his front page:

Established in 1978, Caltech now has a proven track record as a truly independent lift designer/manufacturer. Based at a central situation in Scotland, Caltech supplies and installs lifts throughout the country.

We offer a prompt 24 hour call out service, 365 days of the year backed by our team of skilled lift engineers. Various types of maintenance contracts are available from fully comprehensive to standard contracts covering all makes of lifts.

One of the few things I miss about the NIMR, is that I worked on the 6th floor there, so I got loads of exercise from running up and down the stairs. Now I work in a ground floor office, so don't really move quite as much. Those lifts at NIMR were really dodgy.

Today's activities: I played in a mixed-Netball tournament today with some people from work. I scored some goals and got surnburnt. I didn't wear a skirt, although I was tempted. I also stubbed my toe and now it's purple-ish. I won't provide a photo. ;)

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