Monday 19 June 2006

Peaceful Summertown

It's so lovely. Everyone is so nice. I love it so much I might even start voting Tory.

Then tonight, when W and I were in the local delicatessen (Co-op), I witnessed one of the shop workers getting head-butted by an extremely ugly bloke with no chin (lack of chin increases relative momentum of head-buts - quite an evolutionary advantage when you think about it). I think his nose was broken. W was quite impressed by the realistic 'nose breaking' sound.

I would have leapt over there and kung-fu'd no chin's ugly a$$ but at that very moment a tiny kitten was crossing the road outside so I had to do some ninja backflips to go and rescue the kitten from being run over by a huge lorry!

Being a ninja rocks, but it does present tricky dilemas at times.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, i know what you mean. The other day i was about to step in and save an old fella who was being mugged but iahd to ninja my way up a tree to rescue a small childs kite. Still..we must abide by the code of the ninja.