Monday 5 June 2006

Rocket bug

Not what you expect to find in a packet of 'washed and ready to eat' rocket! I'm no entomologist so if anyone would like to identify the insect, please leave a comment. Looks like some kind of exotic wasp to me. I won't mention which supermarket it came from as I went to complain tonight and I'm sure they're preparing the compensation cheque for the 'mental trauma' of nearly consuming that thing. Actually the only mental trauma was that I really wanted rocket on my sandwich. It just didn't taste the same today. :(

British Gas update: Well, the boiler packed up at the weekend, but they were due to service the boiler this week on Thursday anyway. So I phone up to say 'hey, when you come on Thursday, can you do some fault finding to as it's actually stopped working'

So they then tell me they're not coming on Thursday, they're coming tomorrow (today - Monday). Hmmm... not what they told my landlord.

So this morning I phone to confirm that they are coming - presuming that, yet again, I will have to take some time off work to wait for them.

'Oh, no, no-one is coming today.'

'Oh great, so they're actually coming Thursday after all', thinks I.

'No, they're not coming Thursday either. We've got it down for this week, but no particular day.'

Words escape me... for a few seconds till I get angry at the idiot on the phone.

So anyway, the BG person on the phone books the engineer in for Thursday, so we just have to wait a few days with no hot water (although once they fault find - if they turn up - they will have to order a part in then come and fit it again).

But that's not all - when I got home from work tonight, there was a card from a British Gas engineer.

'Sorry I missed you today'

I don't think you could make up a better story of incompetence than the organisation that is British Gas.

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Anonymous said...

I think your mystery insect is a little sawfly called Arge cyanocrocea, or possibly a closely related species. They are commen wasplike creatures whose larvae look like little caterpillars and feed on leaves.
Here's a link and you can look the name up on google for more...

That was fun! Give me more!

Chris Stewart (via Claire)