Sunday 11 June 2006

Comprehension Clothing is launched!


Comprehension Clothing is Launched

OXFORD, England, June 11 /SRNewswire/ The design house of Hamill & Renwick today announced the launch of their website,, selling Phonetically Engineered Clothing to customers in Europe and the US.

Steven Renwick, designer and wanabee-web monkee of Comprehension Clothing, says, "Kev and I have always thought that Scandinavian languages just somehow look and sound cool. With that in mine we designed a range of t-shirts that say 'I don't understand' in several languages - Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic. We also love the idea of the sound of words, and decided to also make t-shirts with phrases written in phonetic characters."

Available at, the t-shirts have been launched to appeal to people who love cool t-shirts and want to have a t-shirt that is original and looks great.

Already the first t-shirts sold have gone down a storm, with the first Comprehension Clothing customer reporting that "girls came up to me in the bar to ask where I got my t-shirt and told me that it was really cool."

Kevin Hamill, shop partner and ninja, explains, "Hey, I'm just this guy you know? How you doin'? Where is the nearest Polar Bear?"

The duo intend to eventually offer bespoke phonetic t-shirts, but for now the phonetic t-shirts all say 'comprehensionclothing' in phonetic characters.

People who want cool t-shirts are advised to surf on over to comprehensionclothing to stock up on some phonetically engineered t-shirts for the summer.

...because some languages are just cooler than the rest.
is the internet's leading website selling Scandinavian and phonetic t-shirts. To be fair it's probably the only one, but that's okay. Kev is based in Dundee, Scotland, but is soon to be exiled to Chicago, USA. Steve is based in Oxford, England, and can very happily tie a double Windsor knot in his tie. It's a shame he couldn't do that about 5 weeks ago though.

Here follows some pictures sent in by one of our customers (actually Kev) modeling the t-shirts:

Kev wearing the jeg forstar ikke t-shirt

Kev wearing the icelandic t-shirt


Anonymous said...

Did your model have to shave his Adam's apple to achieve the hulk/hunk guy image or was he airbrushed.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if the t-shirt colour matched his eyes. Blue and deep or shallow and red?