Monday 14 August 2006

Bench Press

I've been going to the gym for about 3 months now. I must be doing something right as I've been able to increase the weights I am lifting, but till now I have been using the fixed-weights machines.

To make real progress you need to be using the free weights so I got my programme reviewed last week so I am now doing free weights.

Today was the first day for the free weights. I must admit to being a bit reluctant to do them for the first time infront of loads of huge blokes, but I was glad to see the gym nearly empty when I got there.

After a 5min warm-up, the first exercise was the bench-press - the maker and breaker of men!

The trainer who did my programme for me told me that the first time I do the bench press, I should find one of the gym people to 'spot' me, in case I drop it on my throat and kill myself. She underestimated my power...

So I got under the bench press. Got my hands in position... and lifted. Yeah! 3x10 bad-ass lifts and I was pumped! There were a few people in the gym by now and I think I got a few admiring glances... and not just from the ladies! I think people in the gym can recognise brute strength. Maybe I'm now the sort of person who makes gym beginners nervous now?

Now that I had done some hardcore bench-pressing, it was time to up the stakes. Time to push my body to its limits.

It was time to try it... with weights on the bar!

This time I was less bad-ass. The bars usually weigh about 25kg, but I think my one must have been about 50kg. Once I added 20kg on there I was all over the place! Hopefully it will get a bit more natural, but today it felt... precarious to say the least!

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