Monday 14 August 2006

Malaga Motorbike Mayhem

When we were coming home from the holiday in Spain we had to spend about 9h in the airport before the flight.

To alleviate the boredom for a few minutes, I bought a couple of toy motorbikes and Fraser and I went off to film them zooming about and jumping etc.

Since discovering Windows Movie Maker I decided to make my little movie clips into a only very slightly larger movie clip, but with editing and music.

I wish I'd taken more movie of the bikes as the clip is a tad short, but I'm still quite happy with the result:

Here are the original stills of the bikes.


neuba said...


Anonymous said...

haha that was really good! should have got more footage. Maybe when u come up for dads bday you bring ur bike? I have my bike locked up in storage just now till the weather is better. We could take them out for another spin

Anonymous said...

Whats the song please!

Major_Grooves said...

It's Jamiroquai - 'Deeper Underground'.