Thursday 24 August 2006

Dancing abroad

I'm off to Reading Festival tomorrow, where I will see bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs and the mighty Fall Out Boy. The main reason I like Fall Out Boy, is that loads of people make 'taking the pi$$' videos for their songs that mock the singer's poor diction (I'd like to think they are making a stand about the decline in the way the English language is spoken, but it's more likely they want to be YouTube heros). So from Fall Out Boy, here is 'Dance Dance', 'Where is Your Boy Tonight' and, my favourite, 'Sugar We're Going Down'. **WARNING** None of the videos are particuarly unsafe for work, but I wouldn't watch them if you work in a place such as a nunnery for politically correct nuns who worship St Hilda the PC, the patron saint of PC. I think you might have to be a member to watch one of the videos, but at least one of them will open normally.

For some much more mellow fun, here is a nice embedded video. It's called 'Where the Hell is Matt' and is this guy who (with some minty sponsorship) went around the world dancing in places. I can imagine Kev doing this. Perhaps he could go round the world dancing, but for a unique twist, could do robot dancing instead!

I wouldn't watch the video without the soundtrack, and I wouldn't listen to the music without the video, but together they make a strangely beautiful video that I watched straight through first time (an achievement for my 15s attention span). It's also educational - the South Shetland Islands are not, in fact, Scottish.

Worth watching in that few minutes (read 20min) when you get back from lunch, but you aren't quite ready to start work again yet.

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