Wednesday 23 August 2006

That great Bergkamp goal

Dennis Bergkamp retired from Arsenal the other day, so there were various programmes on about him and his greatest goals. I was talking to someone about 'that great goal' but it is impossible to describe, so I have found it on YouTube. Internet video doesn't really do it justice.

I can't really remember who it was I was talking to about it... could have been Andy, or Greg... not sure. I seem to remember that the person later thought I was talking about Freddie Ljungberg. Well I guess they're both 'bergs, so that's fair enough. Maybe it was Wendy I was talking to. Or could be Greg - he doesn't know much about football. Ah..... Wendy has just come into the room (censored - I should not blog when drunk. Me bad...) and tells me it was actually Keno. Well he never reads this blog so fat lot of use it is putting it up here for him to see. Ho-hum it's a decent video anyway.

Anyway here it is:


Major_Grooves said...

Please note - Wendy made me drink wine tonight.

Anonymous said...

Bergkamp - play - skilful
Steve - drunk - skinfull