Friday 18 August 2006

Evil North Korean Child Army

I blogged about a genius kid playing the xylophone recently.

I thought was she really cute. Little did I realise she was the disarming cute front for an evil army of North Korean children.

While Bush et al stress over whether or not North Korea could have nuclear weapons or not, I have uncovered the truth.

The nuclear weapons threat was just a distraction to give the North Koreans enough time to train an elite army of children who will hypnotise gullible Westerners with their music of evil. The North Koreans reportedly have about 1 million soldiers. This is not true. They have 1 million children playing tiny musical instruments.

It's known that during the cold war, at least 13 Japanese citizens were kidnapped by North Korea. Did nobody notice they were all music teachers?

You've seen the cute kid.

Now see the evil army! Soon they will march upon us.


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