Sunday 6 August 2006

This is the house that Steven built

Greg came to stay this weekend. On Saturday we went to Head of the River for some lunch and a few pints of Fuller's Discovery - a very nice beer!

We then spent an hour punting, heading down the river, past the pub to the University boat houses. I managed to get the pole stuck in the river bed at one point and had to rely on Greg paddling us back to retrieve it!

After cooking and sleeping a bit we went down to the Rose and Crown in North Parade for a few pints of Old Hooky.

Today was spent walking down the canal from North Oxford, going for some juice at the Living Room at the Castle complex, then getting some sandwiches from Morton's then finding a tree to sit underneath in Christ Church meadows and chilling for a while.

While there, my engineering side took over and I built an impressive building out of sticks and bark. Despite Greg's best efforts (or meteorite testing), the building was finished, and will probably be standing there for generations to come. Well, maybe I'll just pop down next weekend and see if it is still there...

On the way out of the park, Wendy dropped lots of litter. I picked it up and put it in a bin.


Anonymous said...

hello, my name is Maurice DeLashebangsshebangs...i have been hearing across the internet that you have a video from your travels of spain where you experiment with dominoes...i wish to see this video...and request you put it on this very fine site. c-ya teen-don-agits

Anonymous said...

See a bin....put it in. To think you were listening to my words of wisdom all these years ago.